Tactical Laser Tag

Outdoor tactical laser tag just outside Keystone Heights, Fl

Tactical Laser Tag

Outdoor tactical laser tag just outside Keystone Heights, Fl

The Forest, The Town, and Tent City over an acre!!


The Town

2 sniper towers over 4ft in the air for maximum visibility and a building with multiple entry points.

Tent City

Located just outside The Town, scattered with tire stacks and tents. They rebelled against The Town after a dispute over rules of engagement.

Special Event Dates

Saturday February 16th closed for private event

Saturday March 9th closed for Clay County strawberry festival 

Saturday April 6th closed for Bradford County strawberry festival 

Saturday April 27 closed for Boswick County Blueberry Festival 

Saturday June 22nd closed for Clay County watermelon festival 

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Infected Trail

A live call of duty style zombie apocalypse!

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Tactical Laser Tag


A live version of Call of Duty with KILLSTREAKS!! Over 100 different weapons! 1.2 acre Outdoor tactical laser tag arena with 2 sniper towers. Log in with your callsign and upgrade weapons, ammo, and armor as you level up. Stats updated as you play for instant bragging rights. Compare your Call of Duty stats to real life and see how you measure up.

Family Owned


Karts and Robbers tactical laser tag is a family owned business. We have tactical laser tag in Keystone Heights, Fl. We support those who serve others. We offer military, police, emergency services, and teacher discounts. Thank you for visiting our site and we hope to see you soon.


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K&R Tactical Laser Tag

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